Right-wing Israeli fanatics are plotting an apocalypse of fire and brimstone to sabotage Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's plan to evict thousands of Jews from the West Bank after a 40-year occupation.

A draft battle plan, seeking to incite a third Palestinian uprising in the vein of the intifadas of 1987-93 and 2000 until today, has been drawn up and handed out to sympathisers at an award ceremony for a dissident Jewish conscript.

On its cover the short booklet adopts images of the apocalypse, pertinent to popular culture surrounding the end of the world: flames licking through fields and villages; Israeli army vehicles ablaze and olive trees axed to pieces.

"We are going to create an atmosphere of terror," promises the pamphlet in its heavily printed dozen-odd pages, calling on militants to "lead the call to fight against the army of destruction."

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