I've been getting a lot of these Christian mortgage solicitations in my in-box lately, and frankly, I am puzzled by them.  Other than by their title, there is nothing immediately apparent in the application or the advertising that explains what's so Christian about them.  This group, Pacific Mortgage & Lending Co., explains that it is "a mortgage company that uses Christian principles in every facet of our business."  Remind me again — wasn't it the moneylenders whom Jesus expelled from the Temple?  

I'm just not sure what they mean by following Christian principles in business.  I'm willing to guess that if you're late on your payments, "charity" and "forgiveness" are not going to be among the first things you hear from them.  You may hear something about "redemption" (as in "you have failed to redeem your mortgage and so we have no choice but to foreclose on your house") or perhaps something about "going to hell."

I could be wrong, of course.  I would urge all evangelical, apocalyptic Christians — especially those who believe the end the world is nigh — to apply.  When they ask you to pay, then you can tell them that in accordance with your Christian principles, you respectfully decline to do so, citing imminent Armageddon as a good Christian reason for abandoning your obligations.  Then you can tell 'em you're praying for them.