. . . Gothamist was made aware of a press release from a group claiming to be biblical scholars. The group predicts, with 98% confidence, that the “UN Plasa in Midtown Manhattan will be hit by a terrorist nuclear bomb between Thursday evening June 29th and Tuesday evening July 4th”. The Poconos are looking really good for a weekend getaway. Oh, wait, a few weeks ago these so-called scholars were 85% certain annihilation was going to occur on June 9th and 10th, and this turns out to be their fourth attempt. Gothamist is impressed by their perserverence but not by their tenuous connection to reality.

See full text here, via Gothamist. Here’s hoping they’re not a volatile bunch, these alleged biblical scholars; wouldn’t want them to take out their frustrations with their poor predictive track record and turning them into affirmative action.

More from the “scholars” themselves, who seem to wish to channel Isaac Newton as part of their investigations, here.