WASHINGTON — FBI agents, monitoring Internet chat rooms used by foreign extremists, disrupted a terrorist plot to attack New York City’s tunnels, law enforcement officials said Friday.

The plot was intended to some of the city’s vital transportation networks and strike a blow at the city’s economy, possibly by flooding the Wall Street financial district, one official said . . .

. . . It was unclear how far along the planning was, but one target appeared to be the Holland Tunnel, the sourthernmost link between Manhattan and New Jersey. The 79-year-old tunnel runs under the Hudson River and carried almost 34 million vehicles in 2005, according to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which manages bridges and tunnels in the New York metropolitan area.

. . . But FBI officials are so far downplaying the reports. “At this time, we have no indication of any imminent threat to the New York transportation system or anywhere else in the United States,” Richard Kolko, Washington-based FBI special agent, said in a statement.

Full FOX News panic-fest here.

Listen — I’m all for law enforcement and catching terrorists and all, but it’s getting kind of creepy to me every time they catch an underground terrorist cell and then say there was no imminent threat. In a sense, it’s kind of like arresting my neighbor Fred Ellsworth because he and his wife Phyllis are sorta-kinda talking about taking a deduction on their jacuzzi as a business expense (I think they had a bank loan officer in there once), and then the IRS coming out and saying that there was “no imminent threat” of tax fraud. Sorta-kinda.

Anyway, I’d probably feel better about the whole thing if they’d just acknowledge that they were scared shitless that something was about to blow up, so they arrested someone.

(Don’t worry, Fred. I’m sure somebody’ll raise the bail money. Not me, but somebody.)