GENEVA (AFP) – Global warming has caused an increase in the number of rockfalls in Switzerland, geologist Hans Rudolf Keusen warned. Keusen, who monitors developments in the Eiger region, told Swiss radio the situation on the mountain’s east flank was becoming critical.

The geologist said he feared the mass of two million cubic metres (70 million cubic feet) of rock — the equivalent of 2,000 houses — could wear away more and more quickly until it crumbled completely.

Since Thursday the rate at which rock is falling away has increased from 66 centimetres (26 inches) to around 92 centimetres a day, he said.

The scientist forecast such incidents would increase as the glaciers and permafrost that support the rock melt.

Via Yahoo News – UK & Ireland. When was the last time you heard the Swiss being characterized as alarmist? Hey, maybe this global warming stuff is serious.