In Kenya, it seems that the government just cannot resist tinkering with free market capitalism:

The Government has ordered a crackdown on a religious sect in Nyandarua District, which has predicted the end of the world on September 12.

The sect has subsequently urged its members to sell their property in readiness for the end of the world. District Commissioner Khamasi Shivogo said the activities of the “House of Yahweh” sect were illegal and could cause a breach of peace.

“I have directed chiefs and their assistants to monitor the organisation,” said Shivogo.

He directed the administrators to hold public meetings and educate the public on the dangers of blindly following some faiths.

The Standard on Wednesday exclusively reported that members of the sect in Murungaru, South Kinangop, had started selling their belongings after predicting the end of the world as a result of a nuclear war. They have also built mud bunkers, where they have stocked dry food and water, to survive on when the “Armageddon” begins. The members said they would also withdraw their children from school.

But the DC, speaking in Nyahururu town, wondered why the followers would sell their property yet they would not require money in heaven.

“Why should you sell your property to others if they will also perish? Do you need money if you get to heaven? ” he posed.

Shivogo said some religious leaders were taking advantage of their followers to cause alarm.

From The Standard.  Advice to Murungaru “House of Yahweh” cult members:  get a PayPal account and sell it all on eBay. It’s quick and efficient — you ought to get your money well in advance of September 12 — and it doesn’t attract as much attention from the authorities as setting up a stand on Main Street.