Is it his unpredictability?  His unnerving psycho/sociopathic personality?  His terrifying hairstyle?

Well, it’s probably not his nukes, his missiles, or his million-man army.

Word is from U.S. dudes on the ground in South Korea (remember, the occupying protective force we’ve had in place there since 1950, 53 years longer than we’ve been in Iraq) that the missiles and nukes are merely background noise — they’re not far enough along technically to pose a real threat yet — and that the million-man army would be more of a target than a marauding force if Kim Jong-Il decided to have them march South on Seoul.

The thing that troubles the insiders is that Kim Jong-Il has chemical weapons, and he has the credible ability to send them raining down on South Korea.  Remember that as you look for subtext in the ongoing “North Korea vs. the World” political drama.