NPR’s Deborah Amos had this to say during her report from Damascus this morning:

I came to Damascus driving up from Jordan, and many people along the way told me that Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah is a hero. For them, Nasrallah has managed to do something no other Arab regime has done, and that is to show Israel is not invincible. Hezbollah is waging a military campaign that’s hit deep inside Israeli territory, but they’re also running a savvy media war through their television station Al-Manar, which is still on the air despite a direct hit by the Israelis. And Al-Manar has run a series of taunting statements threatening all-out war, showing pictures of the next targets in Israel. This is fast becoming the most popular TV station in the region. And something else is happening. Syrians and Jordanians are mostly Sunni Muslims, and Hezbollah is a Shiite Muslim movement. Those divisions faded as soon as Hezbollah’s rockets started to fall on Israel.

Full report here.

Sounds like Hassan Nasrallah has been reading Al-Qaeda’s playbook. Or maybe Abu Bakr Naji is just working with Hezbollah on a consulting basis.