BEIJING: The death toll in southern China from tropical storm Bilis has jumped to 188 after torrential rains swept away houses and triggered devastating mudslides.

More heavy rains were forecast in Guangdong province, a major economic centre that borders Hong Kong, after Bilis flooded farmland, washed out roads and railway lines and cut power supplies. Hardest hit was the inland province of Hunan, where at least 92 people were killed after Bilis roared ashore on Friday. At least 100 people were still missing in Hunan.

Elsewhere, 43 people were killed in coastal Fujian province and 44 in neighbouring Guangdong, according to the official Xinhua News Agency.

Nine people were killed in south China’s Guangxi region. Xinhua said Jiangxi and Zhejiang provinces also suffered fatalities, but did not give details.

The rains swelled reservoirs, causing them to overflow, and swept away thousands of homes and destroyed crops.

Train lines were inundated and mines were flooded with torrents of water.

Full article here. The death toll has since risen to 198.  Additional coverage from the Washington Post; China Daily; and