• Israel and Hezbollah continue to hammer away at each other as the death toll rises to 200; the G-8 summit provided little other than comic relief in the search for a diplomatic solution. See coverage from the Guardian on the fighting and cursory EU involvement; full text of Bush’s private exchanges at the G-8 summit, including “the shit heard ’round the world,” from the Washington Post;
  • The Java tsunami death toll reaches 339; see coverage at the Houston Chronicle;
  • India blocks blogs following Mumbai terror (welcome to all who’ve managed to break through!); see coverage at the India Times; and
  • Oil prices remain volatile, with U.S. light crude climbing back to $76.09 per barrel yesterday (see BBC News).

On Bush and his open-mike comments, I have to say that I am bothered a lot more that our president chews with his mouth open and talks with his mouth full, than I am about his use of the word “shit” in a diplomatic setting. We await word on whether the FCC will fine Mr. Bush for his use of profanity on air.