The controversial House of Yahweh sect has denied claims that they are selling off property in preparation for an impending doomsday.

The sect’s spiritual leader, Eleazor Kamotho, accused the media of misrepresenting their prophecy and branding them prophets of doom. The sect, however, insisted that there will be a nuclear war beginning September 12, which will have a deadly impact on the human population.

“We are only conveying a message contained in our holy books that something terrible is about to happen come September 12,” said Kamotho.

He warned that the war would be fought in the Middle East, adding that the current conflict between Israel and Lebanon was a sign that the prophecy would be fulfilled. Kamotho, who heads the Naivasha congregation that covers Nyandarua and parts of Nakuru districts, said it was up to every individual to prepare for the day.

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Soooooo, the media misrepresented that the members of Kenya’s House of Yahweh sect were having a (hell)fire sale, but they were basically correct about the fact that the sect believes that September 12 will be the start date of a devastating nuclear war. Okay, glad we got that clarified.

Either way, of course, if you want to get a good price for your wares, it’s best not to advertise that “everything must go by September 12” — or else everybody will just stand around and wait for September 11, then cut you back on your asking price.