California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger joined a crowd of 10,000 at a pro-Israel rally Sunday organized by the Jewish Federation Council of Los Angeles.

. . . [Rabbi Marvin] Hier introduced Schwarzenegger as, “a great friend of the Jewish Community, a man who during the intifada, when the tourists were gone and the hotels were empty, and the people were down in spirit made his first foreign trip to the State of Israel as a sign of his friendship and admiration.”

Schwarzenegger told the crowd, “It is great to be here during this difficult time Israel is facing. We are all here to support the State of Israel.

“While we all regret the loss of innocent life, there is no doubt that Israel has the right to take all appropriate steps to keep its people safe.

“I have been to Israel many times,” he said. “I started in the ’70s as a body-building champion. I went back in the ’80s as the Terminator. I went back in the ’90s to open my Planet Hollywood restaurant, and Israel was the first country that I visited after I became governor of the great state of California.”

“There is nothing Israel wants more than to live in peace. That is why I am happy to be here to be supportive of that here today …Am Israel Chai…I’ll be back,” said the governor.

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