“God has made us free,” said Maliki, vowing not to let the terrorists win or to allow Iraq to become a base camp for al-Qaeda.

. . . What’s significant prophetically about the Prime Minister’s speech is that both the Jewish and Christian Scriptures say that Iraq will one day emerge as a peaceful and incredibly wealthy country. In time, it will also become the epicenter of evil and eventually the resurrected city of Babylon will emerge as the headquarters of the Antichrist. Obviously, Iraq is not peaceful or prosperous at the moment, but Maliki wants it to be, has a plan for it to be, and we know from Scripture that it will be one day. Might it take two or three years, or five, or ten, or more? Yes, it might. But the “new Iraq” of which Maliki spoke will emerge. The Hebrew prophets and the Apostles of Jesus Christ leave us with no doubt.

Joel Rosenberg, a Rush Limbaugh acolyte and nightmare utopian novelist, covers Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s speech to Congress here.  So Rosenberg is saying: “Don’t worry, folks; Iraq looks bad now, but the Bible says it will be paradise on Earth — at least until the Antichrist takes a condo there.”  Or something like that.