British doomsday mathematician Gordon Ritchie (, who previously predicted a UN plaza nuclear attack before sundown on July 28, has another 24 hours or so to go, but he has already recanted his prediction, citing problems with the Watchtower Society and drawing upon his experience of having lost a boatload on wheat futures:

We have now made 6 or 7 mistakes (depending upon how you count them) as regards the precise day of the first nuclear terrorist bomb, which we understand will hit the UN in Midtown Manhattan.

. . . But with hindsight we can see that the contest did not start on 911. Now there was a rise in wheat prices in Chicago that started on Wednesday March 17th with a 20 cent rise and ended on Monday March 22nd with a limit up (a rise of 30 cents in one day). Gordon, the president of the LWs, who claims to be the 4th Elijah, made $500,000 during that period with very short term call options on the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT). He subsequently lost all that and more! So it is possible to slide the whole plan 5 days to the right since the largest grain offering increase occurred on March 22, the last day of the Jubilee of 2003Adar.

. . . So the new date for the first nuclear terrorist bomb at UN Plaza in Midtown Manhattan is Sundown Sunday July 30th – Sundown Tuesday August 1, 2006 . . . We can only apologise once more. It would be a lot more helpful if the Watchtower would communicate with us. Had they done this then perhaps we would be able to save many more lives in NYC if our general interpretation of 1 Kings 18 is correct.

So, in other words, reset your TiVOs, folks — there’ll be no holocaust until Sunday night at the earliest.