In Somalia, within the last 48 hours:

  • Eighteen key cabinet ministers have resigned, citing a failure to bring peace;
  • Lawmakers have begun debate on a motion of “no confidence” in the administration of Prime Minister Mohammed Ali Gedi;
  • Abdallah Deerow Isaq, the cabinet minister charged with leading the establishment of a new Somali constitution, is assassinated outside a mosque in Baidao, provoking violent street riots;
  • The Islamic militia that controls the capital, Mogadishu, has received a new large cargo shipment of unidentified equipment, possibly from Eritrea — signalling a coming battle with Ethiopian troops, who have entered Somalia to protect the new government from the Islamists.

From Slate, a week ago:

Yes, war is a terrible thing, but this one [i.e. the one in Lebanon] —contrary to the grandiose prognostications of Armageddon-obsessed pundits—will not bring about World War III or the end of the West or the defeat of extremist Islamism. It is now clear that the war in Lebanon is a limited, contained war, with modest goals and rational expectations. The war that has just started between Ethiopia and Somalia could be more vicious and could exact a greater toll of human lives, but it will probably get scant attention.