LONDON – Dr Ulf Leonhardt of the St Andrews University in Scotland believes that invisibility is a distinct possibility in the future. The theoretical physicist says that while it may not be attained by swallowing pills or disappearing through some machines, it is nevertheless possible.

He cites the example of the “Invisible Woman” in “Fantastic Four” of the Marvel comics. “She guides light around her using a force field in this cartoon. This is what could be done in practice,” Leonhardt said. “That comes closest to what engineers will probably be able to do in the future.” He believes that invisibility is an optical illusion that someone is not there even when that person is at the given place. This possibility is explored in a new study by the Institute of Physics and is published in the New Journal of Physics.

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Of course, you and I both know that the U.S. government has already perfected this technology, and that Vice President Dick Cheney has been using it for some time. Just two examples, below: Bush, Cheney and Blair at the G-8 Summit; and Bush and Cheney with the American Idol finalists. Frankly, the Vice President has never looked better.

Bush, Cheney and Blair at the G-8 Summt

Bush, Cheney and American Idol finalists