It appears once again that British doomsday mathematician Gordon Ritchie ( forgot to carry the one, or something.  Sunset on August 1 has come and gone, and there hasn’t been any terrorist nuclear attack on the UN Plaza.  Unless I missed it.

Ritchie himself observes, however, that

[A]s of August 1, which is 73 days after our first predicted date . . . the situation is…

[1] The UN have lost their headship over Israel and are seen as completely impotent in the face of their own building being bombed, their own peacekeepers being killed and large number of women and children being bombed in Lebanon.
[2] Around 100 people are being killed each day in Iraq, which must surely now be in a civil war
[3] Israel is at war with a part of Lebanon
[4] Israel is at war with Gaza
[5]  A UN outpost in Lebanon has been bombed killing 4 UN peacekeepers
[6] The UN offices in Beirut have been ransacked by angry Lebanese
[7] Al Quaeda have said that they will not sit by and watch their Muslim brothers and sisters being slaughtered
[8] The evangelicals are now saying that WWIII may have begun and that this could be the Great Tribulation of Matthew 24 and that they expect things to go nuclear.

Indeed, a lot of stuff has happened.  Perhaps when Ritchie foresaw the UN Plaza being destroyed by a nuclear bomb, what he meant to say was that the UN’s credibility would be destroyed by missiles flying around Lebanon and Israel.