JAKARTA – Some 200 self-declared potential suicide bombers gathered Saturday on the Indonesian island of Borneo for final preparation before travelling to the Middle East to attack Israel and its allies, a local report said.

Recruited by the Jakarta-based Asian Muslim Youthment(AMYM), all were dressed in black wearing ski masks, and did drills in front of crowds in Pontianak, West Kalimantan province.

“We give a deadline to Israeli troops to stop their aggression against Lebanon within 96 hours,” Suaib Didu, the leader of AMYM was quoted by the state-run news agency Antara as saying.

“If they don’t stop their aggression, then I can’t stop our bomb squad’s desire to help their brothers in Lebanon and Palestine,” he said.

Didu added that the group was mostly “trained warriors” who had fought or signed up to fight against the US in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Some had also allegedly fought Christian Indonesians in Ambon, the capital city of Maluku province, which was wracked by religious violence from 1999 through 2002.

Didu said the “warriors” were extremely angry about the Israeli offensive and would attack not only Israel but also the US and its allies.

All they’re looking for at this point is airfare.  See full article here.