Donald Sensing suggests a possible North Korean connection to today’s uncovered transatlantic air terrorist plot:

Is there a North Korea connection?

Authorities have not confirmed that the plotters are al Qaeda members, but have strongly hinted they are. The plotters, authorities said, planed to bring binary liquid explosives aboard the planes in handbags. “Binary” means that the explosive would be formed by mixing two apparently-innocuous liquids after takeoff.

One airliner, a Boeing 707, was destroyed in just such a manner:

Korean Air Flight 858 was a flight that flew from Abu Dhabi International Airport in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates to Gimpo Airport near Seoul, South Korea via Bangkok International Airport in Bangkok. On November 29, 1987, it mysteriously disappeared.

According to the South Korean authorities, the Boeing 707 took off from Abu Dhabi and was flying to Bangkok on the way to Seoul. Two passengers who departed from the plane at Abu Dhabi left a radio containing 350 grams of C-4 and liquor bottle containing cca 0.7 l of PLX explosives in an overhead rack on the airplane. The bomb exploded while the plane was over the Andaman Sea near Thailand. Radar contact was lost at the time of the explosion.

All 11 crew members and 104 passengers on Korean Air 858 were killed, making it the deadliest terrorist attack against South Korea.

Two North Korean agents were arrested by South Korean officials shortly after the bombing. One killed himself with a suicide pill but the other, Kim Hyon Hui, was captured before she herself could commit suicide. She told investigators that the bombing was ordered by Kim Il Sung’s son, Kim Jong-il.

It has long been established that North Korea is in terrorist bed with Iran. Iran is the world’s number one sponsor of terrorism and has the technical capability to produce sophisticated exlosives. Although al Qaeda in Iraq, under its fortunately-martyred former leader abu Musab al-Zarqawi, considers Shiite Muslims its enemy, there is no such enmity between Iranian mullahs and the upper levels of al Qaeda’s leadership. Both Iran and Osama bin Laden characterize the United States as the “Great Satan,” with the UK not far behind.

Full article here.  At least this much is true — everything old is new again.