(CNN) — Two of the suspects held in connection with the plot to down jetliners with explosives had contact with a Pakistani suspected of being an al Qaeda operative, U.S. and British officials said Friday.

The officials allege that Matiur Rehman, described as an explosives expert in Pakistan who is now at large, met two of the British suspects in Pakistan.

But officials, who say the plot displays signs of al Qaeda participation but who are still investigating that angle, do not know whether Rehman was involved in the plot.

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Well, as I’ve said before, the folks over at Al-Qaeda have probably been feeling pretty down-in-the-mouth lately with guys like Ahmadinejad and Nasrallah stealing all the anti-American headlines these days. While Hezbollah and Iran are tied up on other fronts, it makes a whole lot of sense that Al-Qaeda would attempt to take an opportunity to grab some attention.

Again, however, when your recruits are a bunch of 20-something British football fans — instead of elite fighters living in southern Lebanon, for example — it makes you look like you’re a club that not many people are eager to join. If they were to pull off something as dastardly as a bombing of multiple transatlantic flights, it would certainly add a little pizzaz to the recruiting video. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and perhaps no one understands that better than an unloved, rogue crew like Al-Qaeda. Instead of wasting a lot of time bombing people, perhaps they ought to hire Nasrallah’s PR man.