Global warming is contributing to an unusually harsh typhoon season in China that started around a month early and has left thousands dead or missing, government officials and experts say.”The natural disasters caused by typhoons in our country have been many this year,” the head of the China Meteorological Administration, Qin Dahe, said in recent comments on his organization’s website.

“Against the backdrop of global warming, more and more strong and unusual climatic and atmospheric events are taking place.

“The strength of typhoons are increasing, the destructiveness of typhoons that have made landfall is greater and the scope in which they are travelling is farther than normal.”

The vice minister of the Ministry of Water Resources, E Jingping, also spoke last week about the unusual ferocity, frequency and early arrival of typhoons in China this year.

E said the typhoon season in China normally starts around July 27, but this year the first typhoon hit the southern province of Guangdong on May 18.

. . . Natural disasters in China this year have killed 1,699 people and left another 415 missing, the nation’s Red Cross Society said last week.

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