As follow-up to our report relating to the Turkish pipeline interruption, there’s this:

SULAIMANIYA, Iraq — Artillery shells fired from Iran have landed in remote northern villages of Iraqi Kurdistan in the past four days and have killed at least two civilians and wounded four others, a senior Kurdish official said Saturday.

Dozens of families have fled the region.

The shells have been aimed at an area around Qandil Mountain, known as a base for militant Kurdish opposition groups seeking independence from Turkey and Iran, said the official, Mustafa Sayed Qadir. He is a senior member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, which governs the eastern half of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Full article here. This morning, Iran announced the following:

Iranian security forces have arrested nine terrorists including four members of the illegal Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

An Iranian official told Keyhan daily that nine terrorists, including five members of the Iraqi Kurdistan Democratic Party and four PKK terrorists, were captured following a clash near the Iranian-Turkey border.

The Iranian forces also seized ammunition and organizational documents. In the clash, three Iranian security forces were killed.

Via Zaman Online.