It sounds like the beginning of a bad joke by a WWII vet, but both Germany and Japan have concerns over Iran.

Germany echoes the U.S. and France with regard to Iran’s response to the UN’s position on its nuclear program:

BERLIN — Add Germany to the list of countries that aren’t satisfied with Iran’s response to a package of incentives over its nuclear program.

Chancellor Angela Merkel says a key sentence is missing from the response: that Iran will halt uranium enrichment.The U-N Security Council has set an August 31st deadline for Iran to halt uranium enrichment or face possible sanctions.In its response to the package offered by the five permanent members of the Security Council and Germany, Iran apparently proposed negotiations without accepting the demand that it roll back its nuclear program.The U-S and France have said that Iran’s proposal falls short of U-N demands, while China and Russia suggested they might support further talks.


Meanwhile, Japan fears the confrontation more than Iran itself:

Japan’s economy would suffer if Iranian oil supplies are cut through UN action over its nuclear programme, said Finance Minister Sadakazu Tanigaki. Japan says it would oppose sanctions that take in Iran’s energy sector, Gulf Daily News reported. Japan is almost entirely dependant on Middle East oil.

Via AME Info.