Hapless Gordon Ritchie — the Lloyd Ruby of biblical prophecy — is now predicting a September 8 date for a terrorist nuclear attack on the UN Plaza in New York City.  He writes:

We correctly predicted that the UN would lose its headship in 2006Tammuz (this being the 2nd head of the image of the Beast of Revelation 13) which gets a death stroke but then recovers. It lost its head on 2006July12 (2006Tammuz14) when Israel invaded Lebanon without a UN mandate. The UN lost credibility and lost control for a month. It lost headship over Israel for one month. But the image of the Beast does not lose two heads, it only loses one head. Each of the 7 heads of the image of the UN Beast stands for one month of military headship over the governments of the world, just as the 7 heads of the UN Beast itself each stand for one year of military headship over the governments of the world . . . So we knew it had to regain headship in the month of Ab. It did this on August 11th by means of the UN Security Council Resolution 1701, passed that day, and demanding an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Lebanon. Now the UN will has been declare Peace and Security since the UN Peace Building Commission was added to the UN Security Council in our understanding. So sudden destruction will befall them according to 1 Thessalonians 5:3. So please leave NYC for the 2nd sabbath in September!!!

[Emphasis added.]  This marks Ritchie’s 13th prediction of a UN Plaza attack since May.  See Ritchie’s latest here.