An Iran AirTour passenger plane caught fire while landing in northeastern Iran today, killing approximately 80 people.

CNN identifies a connection between this tragic incident and Iran’s rocky relationship with the West:

Iran has frequent plane accidents and has several times blamed them on U.S. sanctions that it says make it difficult to import spare parts, even from Europe. The West offered to open the door to sales of new planes and spare parts in an incentive package aimed at getting it to roll back its nuclear program.

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Meanwhile, earlier in the week Iran offered its condolences to the U.S. regarding the recent air tragedy in Kentucky:

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Hamid Reza Asefi on Sunday expressed sympathy over the air accident in the US which claimed the lives of 50 people on board.

Asefi wished God’s mercy for the victims and expressed condolences to the bereaved on behalf of Iranian government and nation.

(Via Payvand’s Iran News)