As we’ve reported, Texas-based House of Yahweh cult leader Yisrael Hawkins (formerly known as country singer Buffalo Bill Hawkins) is predicting the beginning of global nuclear war on September 12.  He’s gotten enough people in Kenya worked up about it that they caused a near-riot attempting to sell all their worldly possessions.

From The Watchman we learn of the way in which Hawkins finds support for his prophecies in the Bible:

Yisrael Hawkins and the House of Yahweh believe that God’s name was deleted from the biblical manuscripts. In fact, Hawkins criticizes the Watchtower Society for acknowledging that Yahweh is the Hebrew pronunciation of the divine name, but nonetheless deciding to use Jehovah.  Hawkins extends his criticism to the anglicizing of Hebrew names: “By changing Yeremyah, which means, ‘May Yahweh lift up,’ to Jeremiah, which means nothing, the later translators effectively hid the Name of Yahweh; therefore, not even a hint of Yahweh’s Name remains in this name.”

In order to rectify this perceived sacrilege, Hawkins created The Book of Yahweh (BOY), a new Bible with the sacred name allegedly restored to the Scripture. Hawkins states regarding the goal for the translation:

It has been our purpose and goal to go far beyond all other conscientious Scholars. We who have worked on this Translation have purposed, not only to replace Yahweh’s Name in all the Scriptures in which it was inspired to be written, but we have also purposed to replace Yahweh’s wonderful Name in each of the hundreds of places where it was used in compound with place names, and within personal names. As you read these Scriptures, you will see how many times the Name of Yahweh was honored by our forefathers. and [sic] how many times the translators HID this wonderful Name.

Hawkins is emphatic the changes he made in his version of the Bible restore the Bible to its original textual purity:

“However, the Scriptures themselves have been thoroughly studied, compared, and critiqued; every Scripture that has been changed from the King James Version can be PROVEN beyond any shadow of doubt; thereby building your faith and trust in Yahweh our Heavenly Father, and Creator of the universe. We have purposed to REPLACE the many vital words which were deliberately left UNTRANSLATED in today’s modern English versions; words which, untranslated, disguised the true message which Yahweh inspired to be written, or else perpetuated the many ‘traditions of men’–not according to the Scriptures–but rampant in this world!

We have also purposed to remove all words and WHOLE VERSES that have been ADDED to the original Scriptures (such as the ‘footnotes’ that became ‘inspired’ Scriptures, as a later copyist included them in the Holy Writings).

Most of the time, these added words change, hide, or contradict the original message of Yahweh; effectively confusing the reader, who is in search of the Truth of Yahweh. We have not omitted these Scriptures arbitrarily; indeed, the commentaries of the Religious Scholars themselves have stated these Scriptural facts. We, only, have acted upon the facts presented.

We have purposed, as well, to clearly translate the many verses that have been left unclear, and not understandable, in other translations. The Book of Yahweh is written in modern English; yet, at the same time with the thought of presenting all the truth of Yahweh. One of the most frequently heard complaints about the translations today, is against the hundreds of unintelligible verses they contain.

Hawkins’ additions are rather colorful, to say the least.  Full article, about revisions of the Bible by various groups, including Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons, here.