Britain is a country of ‘vulgar, aggressive, unprincipled, consumerist zombies,’ according to a new book by a French writer.

Agnes Poirier – who has lived in Britain for a decade, writes for various British newspapers, and has a British boyfriend – says in her book The English Model, A French Illusion that in Britain, ‘customs are characterised less by gallantry and more by virility, cruelty and aggressiveness.’

Her book is intended as a warning to French voters against supporting a new generation of French politicians who model themselves on British politics, and Tony Blair in particular. Right-winger Nicolas Sarkozy and moderate left-winger Segolene Royal both base their politics and presentation on Blair’s techniques, and are considered front-runners for the presidency.

She writes of the British: ‘They have no understanding of philosophy, beauty or art. They do not even have any intellectuals. It is a kingdom of narrowly educated specialists on the one hand and those lacking general culture on the other.

‘This makes for boring conversation. People talk only about what they know about or else limit themselves to comments on the weather, the property market or the cost of educating children.’

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Two thoughts: (1) she’s never visited the U.S., and (2) I’ll bet the real Zombies are pissed … all that flesh-eating and devastation-dealing, only to have their headlines stolen by a bunch of pepperpots chatting about low cloud cover while picking through the frozen food section at Tesco’s.  It’s enough to humiliate even the undead.