With the news that Sen. Barack Obama (D-Illinois) might consider a run for the Democratic presidential nomination, the ‘net is lighting up with speculation. Here’s an excerpt from an anonymous comment on Unfogged.com:

I have given prophesy before and I truly beleive that Obama will be the Beast who makes everyone else worship that other funky creature. He will give His power up to this other creature( S) This other creature could be all those Seven or Eight really wealthy people who like own the World and not want everyone’s heart and souls and now they are going to use Obama -his kindess and meekness his sincerity-to gain everyone’s trust. Beleive me Obama is prolly sincere about his intentions to some extant but He may come to power and realize how good that is to such an extant that he will sell US out-to the more powerful beast. Obama will be the bridge between the average Jo Schmo who just wants the world a better place to the Anti-Christ who will take these souls away. Scripture will be fulfilled. I promise you and if they ever trace me back to this URL I am doomed. Also because BArack comes from such a multi-cultural liberal background he may turn into a Muslim or something…and we will die by the sword as SCripture mandates, now these final thoughts are my own…

See the details here (via Unfogged). I sure hope they don’t trace me back to this URL and take my soul away, ’cause I prolly wanted to hang onto it for a little longer.