What happens when a hapless doomsday mathematician admits he just doesn’t know when doomsday’s going to come?

Hapless Gordon Ritchie, the hapless British doomsday mathematician at truebiblecode.com, has haplessly been predicting days upon which a terrorist dirty nuke attack would occur at the UN since the middle of last year. (Did I mention that he’s hapless?) In his latest missive to the world, he stated the following:

We now predict a terrorist Dirty Bomb or Nuclear Bomb will hit the UN plaza in Midtown Manhattan on 2006Tebbeth30 (Sundown Tuesday January 23rd to Sundown Wednesday January 24th 2007). If nothing happens by the end of Tebbeth i.e. by January 23/24, 2007, then we again really really do run out of options in our present understanding.

If my sundial is working correctly, I believe we’ve squeezed past another imminent threat.

There are only so many times that you can tell a hapless doomsday mathematician to go back to the drawing board. My sense is that this kind of abject failure is likely to take the oomph out of Mr. Ritchie’s enthusiasm for Armageddon.

Poor fellow probably needs a vacation. A getaway to Najaf might restore his faith in doom, but at this point that’s between Gordon Ritchie and his travel agent.