Hapless British doomsday mathematician Gordon Ritchie is back again, this time predicting that “a terrorist Dirty Bomb or Nuclear Bomb will hit the UN plaza in Midtown Manhattan somewhere in 2006Adar, i.e. on or before Tuesaday” [sic] “March 20th 2007.”   As usual, there’s a biblical basis for his latest prophecy, and he’s got some flexiproofs that lead him to the conclusion — I’ll let you inspect them for yourself.

You have to admire both his tenacity and his candor, though, as he goes through each of his failed predictions thus far:

2006Iyyar21 (May 19/20) [7 days after 2006Iyyar14]
2006Iyyar28 (May 26/27) [7 days after first mistaken date]

2006Sivan11 (June 8/9) [First day of the 2,000 pigs of Mark 5 incorrectly calculated, corrected on or before Sivan1]
2006Sivan12 (June 9/10) [First day of the 2,000 pigs of Mark 5 correctly calculated but misinterpreted]

2006Tammuz2-6 (June30-July4) [7th sabbath after 1st mistake/7th sabbath omitting 2006Sivan5/7th Sabbath lookout day]
2006Tammuz28/29 (July 25 – 27) [Assumed contest began on 911]

2006Ab3/4 (July 30 – August 1) [Assumed second ‘day’ of contest began when wheat went limit up in Chicago]
2006Ab8 (August 4/5) [Assumed second ‘day’ of contest began on non BLC day of 2006Adar28 so that 1750th day is sabbath]
2006Ab15 (August 11/12) [7th sabbath lookout period assuming 2006Tammuz2/3 and 2006Tammuz4-6 were separate sabbath mistakes]
2006Ab22 (August 18/19) [7th sabbath lookout period assuming 2006Tammuz2-6 and 2006Tammuz28/29 were separate sabbath mistakes]
2006Ab29 (August 25/26) [7th sabbath lookout period after first mistake, the entire sabbath month of 2006Tammuz as one sabbath lookout period]

2006Elul13/20/27 (September 8/9, 15/16, 22/23) [A sabbath after the 1750th day of the contest starting on 2001Tishri30 and before the end of Elul]
2006Elul30 (September 26th) [last 5 hours thereof in NYC, so that bomb went off in Elul EST but in Tishri BST]

2006Tishri10 (October 5/6) [The mid point and start of the daylight part of the Day of Jehovah]
Before 2006Tishri14 (October 10) [The day before the festival of Booths starts]
2006Tishri22 (October 17/18) [The 7th festival sabbath of the year, the great sabbath of Booths]
2006Tishri29 (October 25) or before [Last possible day for a warning bomb before 2006Tishri30]
2006Tishri30 (October 25/26) [The end of a 5 year contest starting on 2001Tishri30]

2006Chislev21 (December 15/16) [1st day after 950 days of stadium filling and 900 day ‘Day of Baal’, and 7 months after 2006Iyyar21]
2006Chislev22 (December 16/17) [7 30-day months after the church said: there is nothing at all on 2006Iyyar22, as a result of our first mistaken date of 2006Iyyar21 – Go back 7 times! – Keep looking for 7 months]
2006Chislev28 (December 22/23) [last sabbath in 2006Chislev – not yet a mistake!!!].

Even if he’s not seein’ wheels, way up in the middle of the air, at least Gordon Ritchie has a pretty realistic sense of his own shortcomings, and a whole lot of optimism.  Almost makes me want to refer to him as “plucky” rather than “hapless” …