Pringles appear to be safe from demonic association after a US court ruled that the devil is not in league with global consumer brand Procter & Gamble (P&G).

The ruling brought an end to a 12-year lawsuit purused by P&G against four distributors of rival Amway, over rumors tying P&G to Satanism.

P&G won the $19m lawsuit when the court concluded that the four had spread a false accusation that P&G subsidized Satanic cults.

The rumor had proved popular with evangelicals in the US.

During the 1960s, a story began circulating that the corporation was controlled by Satan worshipers. A moon-star symbol was used by the company on many of its products from 1882 to 1985, which was considered suspect.

The stars in fact stand for the thirteen original American colonies. But the arrangement of stars in the symbol was said to secretly spell out the Revelation 13:18 “number of the beast”: 666.  The logo, though, is still used and remains a recognized brand outside of the United States.

Without examining the facts, many people, most notably evangelicals, signed petitions against Procter & Gamble and boycotted their products in the 1980s and 1990s.

Full article here.  The nerve of those Amway guys — especially since Amway is, itself, considered by some to have all the marks of the Antichrist.