Not a menu suggestion, but news of diplomatic rumblings in the Middle East:

(AGI) – Ankara, 2 Nov – US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice has flown to Ankara in an attempt to find a diplomatic solution to the burgeoning crisis in Northern Iraq caused by the activity of separatist rebels members of Kurd PKK. Rice will meet her Turkish counterpart Ali Babcan and Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan. According to Turkish press, quoting diplomatic sources, no concrete result is expected following today’s meetings, which will take place at the same time as the conference on Iraq’s neighbouring countries to be held in Istanbul. In Ankara, it is maintained that Ms Rice will try to convince Erdogan’s government not to act on its own and to coordinate its actions against the Kurdistan Workers’Party with the USA and Iraq. On the flight to Ankara, during a refuelling stopover in Ireland, Ms Rice stated again that “nothing which can destabilize Northern Iraq can bring benefit to Turkey.”

Full article here. Interestingly, Turkey’s bid for EU membership has risen near to the top of the headlines in recent days, suggesting that European leaders are also weighing in with not-so-subtle pressure on Turkey to mind its peas … I mean, its p’s and q’s:

BRUSSELS: In a fresh blow to Turkey’s hopes of joining the European Union, a key report has concluded that reforms there slowed in 2007 because of a constitutional crisis over the election of a president with an Islamic background.

With attention distracted by tensions between the ruling AK Party and the military over the election of Abdullah Gul, Turkey did too little to root out corruption, modernize its judiciary, reduce the power of the military and increase freedom of expression.

The annual progress report compiled by the European Commission, to be released next week, comes amid preparations for a new committee on the future of the EU which may try to determine where Europe’s frontiers should lie and how much further the bloc should expand.

Public opinion across the EU is hardening against Turkey’s EU membership bid and President Nicolas Sarkozy of France leads a group of countries opposed to full EU membership for Turkey, preferring a looser association with Ankara instead.

Full article here.