Some scientists think the universe is overdue for a quantum energy shift that would cause everything to cease to exist. A shift is not thought to be likely though, because the universe has lasted for such a long time and is still here.


But U.S. physicist Professor Lawrence Krauss, from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, and colleague James Dent, from Vanderbilt University, Nashville, fear that in the last 10 years astronomers may inadvertently have nudged the cosmos into a more dangerous state.


The reason has to do with the odd way quantum states are affected by observation. In the famous Schrodinger’s cat thought experiment, a cat in a box whose fate is decided by subatomic particles is both alive and dead until someone lifts the lid and observes it.


Only then is the cat discovered to be either “alive” or “dead”.


According to a law known as the “quantum Zeno effect”, whenever we observe or measure something at the quantum level we set its decay clock back to zero.

The physicists calculated that observing the effects of dark energy may have reset the universe’s decay clock.

Full article here.  On the other hand, a watched pot never boils.  Who ya gonna believe?  Schrodinger and his cat, or Bartlett and his book of quotations?