It is rather alarming to note that occasionally we’ve won some strange recognition around cyberspace.

WOWRichard Nolle over at AstroPro awarded us the coveted Website of the Week Award (WOW) for the week of August 14, 2006, ostensibly for our coverage of the “Iran & August 22” panic boomlet. In his accompanying remarks, Nolle advises: “Any time an end of the worlder wants to bet you the Apocalypse will happen on any given date, take the bet. The worst you can do is win – because even if you do lose, they’ll never collect.” Good, sound advice, if you ask us.

BWSNotWAEnchiridion on (parenthetical aside) proclaimed that we had the Best Website Name of the Week (“BWSNotWA,” as he likes to call it) for the week ending September 10, 2006. To me, this sounds like faint praise. It’s like calling Carl Hiaasen a “good-looking author.” On the other hand, I’d really appreciate it if someone would call me a “good-looking author,” because, basically, I take what I can get. Nonetheless, Enchiridion does favor us with a recommendation to “check out these handy references,” and for that, we’re grateful.

Time-POYTime made me “Person of the Year,” which, aw shucks, really was not necessary.

Namtlieu at LOFLBlog has named me as one among several “Colorful (and Crazy)” candidates for President in 2008, along with a fascist and some character named Jonathan “the Impaler” Sharkey of the Vampires, Witches and Pagan Party. If that’s the company I’m keeping, then I’d better find another neighborhood. Namtlieu writes: “Not nearly as kooky in platform as some of the other candidates examined above, Quay Fortuna’s Star Wars like name alone earns him a spot here. This blog owner established the tiny “Ward Republic Party” that acts as his political arm. In heart, Quay and his fledgling party are strong believers in the power of local institutions to triumph over big government. His site is worth a look, if only because of an attentive focus on events he believes are leading us to Armageddon, and clever tidbits like “Hillary isn’t the Antichrist, but She Takes His Advice.” To be clear, folks, let’s remember that the prospect of Armageddon is a parasitic infection that we suffer as a culture, from time to time — like athlete’s foot — and that by examining and acknowledging our infection, we can remind ourselves of some better habits for living — like changing your socks, or living for today as if tomorrow counts. Don’t ask me to treat your infection, though — I’m not a podiatrist.

StrawpollIn the heady run-up to the 2008 Iowa Caucus and the New Hampshire Primary (in which I am not participating, as a principled independent candidate), I enjoyed the dubious distinction of winning the Straw Poll ’08 “junk poll” for December 2007, with something over 3,600 votes to something around 2,900 votes for Mike Huckabee and something over 1,000 votes for John Edwards. Of course, it means absolutely nothing. Thanks to the enthusiastic efforts of my supporters and readers, my unusual standing in the December 2007 junk poll has, at the very least, increased the amount of correspondence I receive on a daily basis — but otherwise nothing says futility quite like winning a junk poll.

D.E. Franks at, inspired “by a post in another forum from a guy who was having issues with Barack ‘Hussein’ Obama because of his name, despite overall liking the guy because he was cool and liked to play basketball with the troops,” rated the names of all candidates for president in 2008 and determined that the best candidate names were Blake Ashby, Claire Cruise, David Masters, Charles T. Maxham and Kat Swift.  As for candidates “that have NO chance,” I was at the top of Mr. Franks’ list.   My name has always been a matter of controversy, it seems — some say it’s obviously a fake, some say it sounds like I’m a Star Wars character, others wonder whether I’m male or female — but I wear it proudly, and I’m not about to change it just to get the vote of a guy who thinks “Blake Ashby” is a good name.  I mean, “Blake Ashby” sounds like a character in a soap opera, if you ask me.  If you’re going to vote for “Blake Ashby” based on his name, you might as well reconsider and vote for “Luke and Laura” instead.  I’ll stick with my odd moniker, thank you very much, with the realization that it could have been a lot worse.  At least I didn’t get named after my Uncle Felix.